May 3rd, 2016 - Day 31 - Anchored at Cooktown - UPDATE No Stop Here on to Cairns, Australia

Good morning we woke up cruising in the Great Barrier Reef Conservation Reserve.

We had breakfast in the Grand Dining Room.

We both had Swedish pancakes with skewered fruit and we split a sugar coated donut.  Jim added two slices of bacon to his meal.

We went to the Gift Shop and Jim bought Pat her Mother's Day present.  A new jewelry designer, Amy Cronhelm, from Wild Jewels, came on board and she had a jewelry collection made out of New Zealand Paua.  Pat found a necklace that the shells are crushed and then tumbled 7 times and then formed into an organic necklace on a leather strap.  The necklace also can be worn on either side for a different look.  The pieces of shells are larger than quarters and various shapes.  It is a very unique necklace.  These designers, who are sisters, use their profits for educational projects in Northern Kenya.  We like that.

We had two tours today.  The first was to go to Historic Cooktown at Noon and the second was to Black Mountain & Lions Den at 4:45 PM.  We were getting ready to go to the Insignia Lounge to meet our tour but we thought that it was strange that the ship had not anchored yet.

At 11:30 AM we got an announcement from the Captain:  Our Cooktown Port has been canceled for today due to heavy seas.  The weather that is coming up later this afternoon will make it unsafe to tender the boats to shore for the 30 minute ride.  It would be too dangerous and your safety is our number one priority.  So we are now heading toward Cairns and will be there at 5:30 PM today.

So we changed our clothes and got our kindles and went to the spa deck and relaxed.  It was a nice day.  We stayed there all afternoon.  We didn't even eat lunch.

Being up on the Spa Deck made it easy to watch us dock at the Cairns Port  when we arrived at 6 PM.

We had a quick dinner at the Terrace Café.  Jim had coq a vin, a barbecue meatball and some mashed potatoes. Pat had a barbecue meatball, cucumber salad and faro bean salad.

For dessert Jim had piña colada sorbet and Pat had chocolate ice cream. We shared a warm chocolate cake which Jim liked as it was warm. It tasted like coco.

We got off the ship tonight and walked the town of Cairns.  The people in the port are so nice and the town was lovely. We walked through the main designer section but luckily for Jim most of the shops were closed.

We did find a souvenir shop and picked up a couple of gifts.

We came back to the port and used the free Wi-Fi for a little bit as it is a lot faster then onboard.

We tried to call Jimmy in South Korea and we connected with him but was not able to stay on the line to hear each other so we just ended up texting. Everybody else was sleeping that we could call.

Our cabin is right outside a big Clock Tower that rings on the hour.  When we heard it ring in the port I asked the guards if it rings all night they said yes. They said it was not bad outside just inside the port it makes more noise as it echoes. I told them if I could not sleep and was cranky tomorrow I would come see them. They laughed with me. They were very nice.  We just heard the clock in our room strike 10 but after midnight maybe we won't notice it as much with only a few dings each hour.

Goodnight from Cairns!