April 5th, 2016 - Day 3 -Docked at Cheju, South Korea

We woke up to a ocean view as we are still on our way to Jeju, South Korea.

We ate breakfast at the Terrace Café.  Then sat and planned our day.  We need to be ready at 1:20 PM for our tour.  South Korea is one hour ahead of China so basically all our electronic devices have different times because they did not update where we are yet.

We docked at 12:30 PM but it took a while for the ship to complete parking and get cleared.

Some facts about Jeju:  Jeju Island is the largest volcanic island in South Korea. It is known as "Islands of the Gods".

Our tour is to the Sunrise Peak and Seongeup Folk Village.  We went to the Insignia lounge to exchange our tickets for a bus ticket.  We had to wait for over an hour but finally we were cleared to go.

We drove for about an hour and came to the Sunrise Peak Crater.  Pat walked up to the top of the crater to see the fantastic view of the city as well as the inside of the crater. There were 550 steps up and 550 steps down.  It was quite an accomplishment.

Our guide said that there are no gates in Jeju because gates are to keep people out but there are no thiefs or beggars in Jeju.  Everyone knows everyone so you would not want to do harm to your family and friends.  If you see someone that needs food you would help.  That is a nice way to live.

On the drive we saw cherry blossom trees with the flowers covering the walk way.

The Seongeup Folk Village was about 15 minutes from the crater.  The village is surrounded by a fortress wall with one ornate entrance gate. We walked through the narrow lanes with lava rock walls and traditional homes with thatched roofs made of pampas grass.  Every year they add pampas grass to the roof and it gets heavier and heavier so every 5-10 years they replace it and start again.  We saw the 1000 year old zelkova tree. We saw the way Koreans lived 600 years.  There are still people living in the village.

They showed us the outside toilet where it is built up with rocks and there is a covered pig pen next to it.  There is also a big stick you have to use to keep the pig away from you while you are doing your business.  Our guide said this changed in the 1980's and they startd getting flushing toilets.

Our drive back to the pier took an hour. The walk from the bus to the boat was about a mile as we had to go through a huge arrival/departure terminal.  We were behind a couple from the cruise in the passport line and the husband got through but there was some problem with the lady so we changed lines but she was still there when we got through so don't know what the problem was.  That would be something that would normally happen to us.  Ha!

We had dinner at the Terrace Cafe.  Pat had spaghetti and Jim had a potpourri of Korean favorites such as Korean rice, chicken balls, and shrimp.  We shared chocolate ice cream and coconut macaroon ice cream with a chocolate chunk cookie.

Se had to set our clocks back 1 hour.

We set sail at 8:00pm. Good night Jeju!