April 4th, 2016 - Day 2 -Shanghai, China depart at 1:10 pm

We woke up rather early and got up and went upstairs to the Terrace Café where they serve a buffet breakfast and had juice and Jim had coffee and Pat had tea.

Our tour to the Watertown of Zhujiajiao was canceled due to the Chinese holiday Tomb Sweeping. They said traffic would take 3 to 4 hours to get there and the ship sails at 1 PM today so it had to be canceled.  We were disappointed because everyone says it is beautiful and is the Venice of China.  Everyone has to be back on board for a mandatory life boat drill at Noon.  We did the drill and found our life boat so we are ready for any disaster and with our luck you never know what might happen.

We had lunch in the Terrace Café. We had some Greek specialties like spanakopita and salad. 

At 1:10 PM we left Singapore, China on our way to Jeju, South Korea. We went outside to enjoy the view of Singapore and could not believe how long it took us to get out to the open sea. We were on the Huangpu River for over an hour.  High-rises were all around.  It was a great view.  We sat upstairs and lounged on the highest level and just watched as we headed out to sea.

We had dinner in the Grand Dining Room.  Jim had Maine lobster soufflé with bisque of tomato, lime and coriander for his appetizer and steak au Poivre with cognac sauce and  french fries for his main dish.  For dessert Jim had banana ice cream without sugar and decaf coffee. Pat had white bean salad with cauliflower, and dives and marinated feta for her appetizer and Buffalo mozzarella and baked eggplant rolls with tomato sauce for her main dish.