April 3rd, 2016 - Ritz Carlton & Insignia - Day 1

We spent time walking around the ifc Mall and then across the street at the SuperBrand Mall but we did not find anything to buy.  After having lunch on the club floor we went back to our room to pack up.

We checked out of the hotel.  On the ride down from the 52nd floor where you check in and out there was a girl who was crying really hard and got on the elevator with us.  One of the girls from the hotel rode down with her and found out she had just heard from the doctor that she had cancer and she was fairly young.  She apologized to us for her crying.  We felt sad for her.  She went outside and sat on the curb crying.

The hotel had a van for us to take us to the cruise ship. The driver did not speak very much English and we asked him if he knew where he was going and he said yes. We started out and then he would turn right on a street then stop and go back and go left and was having difficulty finding where he needed to go to drop us off.  At one street he was driving and a girl on a moped in a pink coat collided with him. I screamed as she ran into my side and we could see her and thought for sure she must be dead as she had no helmet on.  When I looked out the window she was getting up off the ground. The driver had gotten out of the car and was helping her up and picking up her things that had scattered in the street. The driver had left us in the van in the middle of the street and cars were coming in both directions and the cars were just going around the accident not stopping.  Finally, the girl we could see was smiling.  The driver and the girl never exchanged information about the accident.  The driver picked up a piece of her moped that had broken off and gave it to her.  She then got on her moped and drove off.  The driver pulled out in front of her and she swerved to miss him but didn't make it.  When we were walking across the crosswalks earlier we noticed that no one stops for pedestrians so I think cars must be the ones in charge and we noticed people just dodging in and out trying to get across. It was a little scary.

After the driver stopped and asked someone he finally found where to drop us off.  It was the strangest way we have ever boarded a cruise ship.  We were dropped off at the gate and our luggage taken out of the car.  No terminal to check in. Two guys loaded our luggage onto a carrier and walked with us to the ship.  Luggage was tagged and put on the ship. Then we had to walk to a little trailer with a window and they made copies of our passport.  Then we boarded the ship and went through security and they told us to go down the hall.  We walked to the end of the hall but there was nothing there so we found someone and they told us we had to go up a level.  Not sure why they didn't tell us that in the first place.  Finally got checked in and things went smoother.

We went to our room, 7096, and unpacked. Luckily we were able to exchange the big nice wooden hangers for wire hangers and we were able to fit all our clothes in the closet.  Everything is unpacked and put away in little nooks and crannies around the room.

We were able to get a reservation at Toscano restaurant for dinner at 7:30pm.  Pat had spinach salad and pasta of the day puttanesca style.  Jim had caesar salad and Dover sole.  Not many people in the restaurant tonight.

End of our day one on the Insignia!