Daniel Llovera

We are on the sea today so we went to a seminar called "A long and thin country called Chile" given by guest jeweler, Daniel Llovera. Here are some of the facts that were of interest to us.

Chile is 2700 miles long and 109 miles wide. Chile is the only country that has tea time other countries have coffee time.
Codelco largest copper producing company.
4.5 billion dollar tourist business
2 million visit the country per year
5.6 million people live in Santiago
15,116,435 people in Chile
Expected 20.2 million people in 2050
National dance is the cueca
Pablo Neruda Nobel prize 1971
Isabel Allende best selling novelist
Soecial food - Cazurla & empanadas, humitas, pastel del cholo
Soccer most popular
Most successful sport is tennis
Flower is copihue
Motto "by reason or by force"
Chile flag is only 21 years old modeled after US flag.
Parque Metropolitano largest park in Santiago
Valparaiso is nicknamed the jewel of the pacific. Valparaiso was declared a world heritage site in 2003. Valparaiso had 1st public library in Chile.
Summer is December thru March
Winter is May to September
Elevation is 1706 ft
Chile has 2000 volcanos and 500 active. Chile has the most active volcanos.