Day 2 Istanbul, Turkey

We woke to the sounds of the call to prayer this morning at 4:42am. Not sure how the time is determined but it could be heard throughout the city for 15 minutes. It is a beautiful day and we had breakfast in the Terrace Cafe. We talked to an onboard local tourist guide who suggested we take a taxi to Camlica Tepesi which is the highest point on the Asian side of Istanbul to see the panoramic view of the European side. Our taxi driver took us on the Bogazici Bridge across the Bosphorus. Once we reached the top our driver waited as we took pictures which was an amazing view. He dropped us off in the seaside town of Uskudar where we walked the crowded, narrow, busy city streets. We stopped for lunch at a local sandwich shop and had a dumar which was a lamb sandwich in a thin tortilla type roll. It was delicious. Then we walked to the ferry and crossed the Bosphorus landing in Kabatas for a short walk back to our ship.