Tour to the White Villages of Andalucia

Guess what? We had another scenic drive along the ocean then we crossed over a bridge and drove inland for about an hour to the city of Medina Sidonia which is one of the famous white villages. All the houses are painted bright white to reflect the sun and keep them cool. It is considered by some to be the oldest city in Europe and was used as a military defense because of its elevated location. It has medieval walks and narrow cobbled streets which, of course, we walked them all. We are becoming quite adapt at walking on cobblestones. We then traveled some back roads for about a half hour drive to the city of Arcos de la Frontera which is another white-washed town near the River Guadalete which has some influence from its Arab past. We had a walking tour to the Plaza del Cabildo where the town hall stands and the Ducal Castle which wad a Muslin fortress re-built in the 15th century. There was a great view of the whole valley. Walking along narrow streets we came across the Iglesia de San Pedro which was impressive and had a bell tower that looks like it is hanging off the clift. We stopped at the Parador de Arcos which is a great little hotel located in the old Casa del Corregidor where we had some drinks, a plate of olives, potato chips and potato cheese appetizers and sat and enjoyed the beautiful view in a very relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards we walked down the hill to our bus to take us back to the Port of Cadiz.