Tour to Guggenheim and Bilboa

Our tour began with a stop at the highest point in the city so that we could have a spectacular view of the city at Artxanda hill. There you can see the Guggenheim Museum's titanium structure which is built in the shape of a ship. Then we went to the Guggenheim Museum which was designed by architect, Frank Gehry. The exhibition was fascinating with various artists and unusual exhibits. There were pictures done that we thought our grandson, Thatcher, could do if we put paint on the floor and he crawled in the paint. There was large steel mazes you could walk in. A man shooting a bucket of red wax on a wall out of a cannon. A sculpture of a hole in the wall painted yellow and depending how you looked at it with the shadow and light you could see different forms at different angles. Jim commented that he had been to some of the worlds finest museums in the workd but was surprised that the Guggengeim in Bilboa offered some of the most creative exhibits he had ever seen.

We continued our tour to the old town of Bilboa walking the Old Quarter to see Teatro Arriaga, el Arenal which is a favorite promenade for locals, the San Nicholas Church, the Cathedral of Santiago and its cloister, and Plaza Nueva. Great little area to walk around. All shops close down between 1:30pm and 4:30pm so they can eat and have a siesta but all the restaurants stay open.

We got back to the ship and had a buffet lunch at the Terrace Cafe.